While we believe AVE, especially on its own, is not an impactful metric, we know that some companies and leadership teams are still asking for it. We want to continue making your job easier while you transition to more meaningful ways to report the impact of earned media coverage.

How to toggle on Advertising Value Equivalency in any Coverage Report:

  1. Navigate to the Articles tab of your Coverage Report

  2. Click Edit Columns at the top-left of the page

  3. In the list of metrics that can be toggled on or off, click on MEDIA OUTLET DATA and toggle AVE ‘ON’

  4. Once this is toggled ‘ON’, AVE will appear in the Articles tab of your Coverage Report, Presentations made with that report, and your Excel and PDF exports for that report

How Muck Rack calculates default AVE:

A media outlet’s default AVE in Muck Rack is calculated using the industry standard formula of a Media Outlet’s SimilarWeb UVM x 0.025 x $0.37.



SimilarWeb UVM

Number of unique visitors per month as provided by SimilarWeb.


The industry standard estimated percent of how many visitors to an outlet view a given article.


The industry standard dollar value per visitor. This can be manually adjusted based on how much your organization values a particular outlet.

Assigning custom AVE values:

You can assign custom values to individual media outlets in your Organization Settings if your organization values certain outlets differently than the standard formula. This ensures consistency in AVE across the entire organization.

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