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Send emails to journalists with Pitches
Muck Rack's Pitching Guidelines
Industry best practices to follow while sending Pitches via Muck Rack
Industry best practices to follow while sending Pitches via Muck Rack
Hit the ground running by following the tips and tricks included in this article
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Our team is always looking for ways to surface industry best practices through research and partnerships for you and your colleagues. Below, you will find a few guides that we put together, which covers research based on best practices when pitching to journalists.

From the resources included, you'll discover insights such as:

  • When journalists typically like to receive a pitch

  • How long a pitch should be

  • Some examples of ineffective pitches

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Check out the following resources before sending your next pitch:

Questions to ask yourself

Before sending a pitch

  1. Have I checked the Activity page in Muck Rack to understand recent interactions across the Media List I built for my outreach?

  2. Am I the creator of this list or did someone else within my organization build it?

  3. Are any of the reporters in my Media List already assigned to a colleague as the Relationship Owner?

  4. Does my contact information for any of the reporters in my list differ from what Muck Rack has listed?

  5. Have I personalized each email I am sending out through Muck Rack?

After sending a pitch:

  1. If I sent the pitch through Muck Rack, have I reviewed the number of opens, clicks, etc. to improve my outreach the next time around?

When to add an unsubscribe link to pitches

It's your responsibility to add an unsubscribe link to your emails when needed. Emails that are promotional or include content that the recipient has not requested should always include an unsubscribe option.

If your recipients are unable to opt-out of future emails you send because you don’t add an unsubscribe option, your email may be flagged as spam. Having emails marked as spam could prevent your ability to send emails through Muck Rack in the future.

If you choose to include an unsubscribe link in your pitch, it will appear at the bottom of your email to every recipient.

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