Why didn't I receive my Muck Rack Alert email?
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If you created an Alert but are not receiving your Alert emails, there are a few troubleshooting steps to take below.

Search your Spam/Junk folders:

It's possible that your email client is automatically sorting these emails elsewhere in your inbox -- try searching the subject line "Muck Rack Alert" in your spam and junk folders.

We recommend saving the email address alerts@muckrack.com as a contact in your email to better prevent these emails from automatically sorting into undesired folders.

Verify your keywords are properly formatted:

If the keywords entered in the settings of your Alert are not formatted properly (misuse of a Boolean operator, missing a quotation mark in a phrase, etc.), Muck Rack may not be able to recognize the appropriate article links to pull and therefore not trigger an Alert email to you.

If you click into the settings of your Alert, you can review the keyword formatting in the Terms to monitor box. You may see an error like the one below which indicates there is a formatting error somewhere in your keyword string. You can click Alert Help just above this box to view a guide on all of the Boolean operators and formatting to use.

Our team is happy to help review the formatting of your keyword strings as well -- click the chat icon in the bottom right or email support@muckrack.com to get in touch.

Whitelist IP addresses:

If you ensured that both your keyword string is properly formatted in the Alert settings and that the emails are not being delivered elsewhere in your inbox, the next troubleshooting step to take is having your IT whitelist our IP addresses to better improve the deliverability of these emails. Please feel free to reach out to us at support@muckrack.com, and our team can provide the necessary IP addresses for your team to whitelist.

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