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Engage with a Media Outlet Profile
Engage with a Media Outlet Profile

Find general contact information for publications using Media Lists.

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Media Outlets

In Muck Rack, Media Outlets encompass a spectrum of platforms that disseminate news and information, ranging from traditional newspapers, magazines, and broadcast networks to modern digital publications, blogs, podcasts, and independent journalists.

These outlets serve as conduits for sharing stories, opinions, and insights with the public. Muck Rack's comprehensive database showcases the profiles of these outlets, providing valuable information about their journalists, articles, broadcasts, and coverage areas.

Learn More About Media Outlets

You can learn about Media Outlets by taking the Search For Media Outlets course in the Muck Rack Academy.

Media Outlet Search

Media Outlet Search allows you to explore different media outlets based on keywords. It is valuable for media professionals, PR teams, and journalists who want to identify relevant media outlets for their campaigns or outreach efforts. You can search for outlets by location, type, or other criteria to discover new publications, broadcasters, or online platforms for potential media coverage or partnerships.

Use Media Outlet Search In Muck Rack

(Select the "Step-by-Step Instructions" dropdown to learn more)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Go to the search bar in the Media Outlets tab

2. Enter keywords related to the outlet you want to find (e.g., "Sustainable Fashion" ). Press Enter or click the Search icon

3. Browse through the search results to find relevant media outlets. Click on an Article name or profile picture to access their profile page

Media Outlet Profiles

A Media Outlet's profile will be displayed when selecting a Media Outlet. Here, you can find general contact information and recently published articles from that outlet.

Learn more about Media Outlet Profiles by watching the video or checking the table below.

Media Outlet Details




Specifies specific areas or scopes of expertise.


Language the outlet publishes in


Countries the outlet publishes in

Similarweb and Comscore UVM

UVM is the number of visitors that an outlet receives per month. It can also be called UMV (Unique Monthly Visitors) or Readership.

Domain Authority

How early does the article show up in search results

Spam Score

Reflects the percentage of websites that are similar that are reported as spam

Radio Media Market

A region where the population is more likely to listen to the content

Radio Format

The genre of programing

Contact Information



View People

See individuals associated with this Outlet

Contact Information

See the primary contact information for this outlet, including Newsdesk emails.

Social Media

See social media links for this outlet




Recent Articles

See recent articles by the outlet. It also allows you to search through articles for this outlet

Media Lists

Add the outlet to a Media List

Outlet Lists

Add the outlet to an Outlet List

Ways to Find Newsdesk Emails

There are multiple ways to locate newsdesk emails for a Media Outlet within Muck Rack.

(Select the "Step-by-Step Instructions" dropdown to learn more)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Look under the Contact information section of a Media Outlet profile

​2. Select the Newsdesk tab within a Media List and look under the Email column

3. From the Recipients step within the Pitching tool, you can look up newsdesk emails to add to your pitch recipients list

Share a Media Outlet Profile

You are able to generate a sharable link from any Media Outlet or Podcast Profile to share with members of your team.

From the Outlet Profile, select "Share this page" under Actions.

Get Help

For additional help, contact support by choosing the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Messages > Send us a message.

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