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Criteria followed for adding contacts to the maintained database
Criteria followed for adding contacts to the maintained database
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Muck Rack profiles are created and maintained through a series of automatic processes, manually by our team of experts and directly by people who have claimed their profiles.

A Muck Rack profile may exist for a person or organization even if they did not create it. For example, our technology creates a new profile when we detect that the author of an article does not already have a Muck Rack profile.

Our team selects some profiles to include in Muck Rack’s maintained database of journalists and media organizations. Profiles included in Muck Rack’s maintained database represent those that are responsible for the production and/or distribution of newsworthy content. They are also automatically updated by our technology and actively maintained by our team of experts.

Verification criteria for people

The following criteria apply to people producing content in print, digital, photo, video, audio or other multimedia formats and all criteria must be met to obtain verification:

  • You clearly and primarily identify as a full-time journalist, producer, or freelancer.

  • You are employed by an organization that meets Muck Rack’s verification criteria for organizations.

  • You engage in journalism as defined by the American Press Institute as the process of “gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information” at an organization verified by Muck Rack.

By default, we do not verify profiles for part-time journalists, non-news multimedia producers, research analysts, business executives, interns, fellows, researchers, fact-checkers, undergrads, journalism students, librarians, non-practicing professors, instructors, academics, independent bloggers, non-news podcasters or newsletter writers; public relations or marketing professionals, media consultants, or salespeople.

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