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Criteria followed for adding media outlets to the maintained database
Criteria followed for adding media outlets to the maintained database
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Muck Rack aggregates information about people and organizations producing news around the world. We curate a maintained database of journalist and outlet profiles to provide a platform that helps media professionals conduct better researched and more thoughtful outreach.

You’ll find our full criteria for adding people and publications here, but this article aims to help make sense of what that means for your team’s day-to-day.

Through our aggregation, Muck Rack brings in content from hundreds of thousands of sites that may be of interest to your team. Of those sites, we update many with information and list them in our searchable database. This allows you to filter this content in and out based on our assigned categories and filters.

Of all the searchable outlets, we “verify” and assign a green checkmark to those that appear to be legitimate news operations following journalistic guidelines as defined by the American Press Institute.

Historically, we’ve focused on the verifiable segment but understand that monitoring of your clients, products, and key messages sometimes lands outside of this. Muck Rack is always growing our listings and strengthening our monitoring, and we are happy to investigate your most important sources or mentions we may have missed.

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