Verification criteria for organizations

The following criteria applies to organizations producing content in print, digital, photo, video, audio or other multimedia formats. All criteria must be met to obtain verification:

  • Recent or consistent publication of original and accurate content
  • Content that follows journalistic ethics and professional journalism standards
  • Content that is editorial-led as opposed to press releases, aggregation, or advertorial
  • Independently verifiable people responsible for creating and/or managing content
  • Clearly labeled advertising and branded content (or lack thereof)
  • Disclosure of ownership and financing and general transparency

By default, we do not verify media/publishing companies, research companies, think tanks, independently produced blogs/podcasts/web shows, press-release distribution services, financial news services, vanity publications, shopping sites, marketing ploys, college or university news divisions, corporate newsrooms, company blogs or podcasts, “pay-for-play” operations, conspiracy sites, automated story generation or “pink slime”, media produced by political groups, and sites that are mostly aggregating articles published elsewhere or publishing press releases.

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