Enable Custom Columns in your Coverage Report
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Custom Columns in Coverage Reports allow you to add your organization’s unique data to your press hits, enabling you to work with the most up-to-date coverage directly in Muck Rack.

How to enable Custom Columns:

  1. From any Coverage Report, navigate to the Articles tab

  2. Click Edit Columns at the top-left of the page

  3. In the list of metrics that can be toggled, click on CUSTOM DATA

  4. Scroll down to the custom column choices: Campaign, Category, Media Strategy, People Mentioned, Placement Type and Products Mentioned

  5. After toggling any of these columns 'ON', click the Add or edit choices button below the column title to enter the column choices relevant to your organization

6. After adding your choices (up to 15 per each column), click Save at the bottom of the page to ensure your new columns will be reflected in your report

7. In the Articles tab of your report, scroll to your new custom columns and click Edit for a pop-up to appear that allows you to edit a given article’s data

8. Select the choices for your custom columns in the Edit Article pop-up and click Save. For example, assign the Placement Type “Feature” to your recent feature in The New York Times

9. These choices will now appear in the tableview and any exports

You’ll notice the custom columns for Media Strategy and Placement Type have a few recommended choices added by Muck Rack—given their universality. You can use the recommendations or simply remove or add on to them as best suits your team.

Bulk Assign Custom Column Data

You can bulk assign items in your Coverage Report(s) with your various Custom Columns choices by selecting the checkboxes next to any articles and clicking Edit in the upper blue bar.

Custom Column Dashboard Widget

When you add custom column tags to your Coverage Report(s), you can now create a Dashboard widget to report on your custom column data! Learn more about how to add the Custom article data widget to your Dashboard in the How to add widgets to your Dashboard section of this article in our Help Center!

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