Introduction to Activities
Activities enable a simple and automated way to keep track of the actions you and your teammates are completing
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Activities create automated logs of actions taking place in your Muck Rack account to keep track of your team's daily tasks without the need to manually log these actions elsewhere or wonder what has and hasn't been done.

Your Activity feed displays the activities you and your teammates are completing each day in your Muck Rack account including records of when and who are adding journalists to your Media Lists, when and who are pitching journalists (along with what was said), and more.

You can utilize the filters to the left of your Activity page to sort by specific types of Activity, teammates, date ranges, and Media Lists.

You will also find an Activity log on each journalist's profile showing you and your teammate's past relationship history and all other Activities with that specific journalist.

Your Activities Report showcases a breakdown of key metrics around your team's Activities in easily digestible charts and graphs. You can learn how to access your Activity report and what metrics are available in this report here.

To make the most of Activities, we recommend using the Pitches tool to keep an automated record of you and your teammate's media outreach. You can learn more about Pitches here.

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