How to best leverage Alerts

You can use Alerts for general media monitoring, identifying new journalists, newsjacking, and more!

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Alerts allow you and your team to set up automated daily email notifications to stay in the know of the articles and Tweets from journalists relevant to you as news breaks.

The most common use case for Alerts is daily media monitoring for mentions of your brand or clients in stories, but there are numerous other ways you can leverage this tool to easily up your PR game.

Check out the video below to learn how to configure alerts for a single reporter:

In this video, we review how to configure alerts for a Media List:

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Additional Use Cases for Alerts


Newsjacking is the art of intercepting mentions of competitors in breaking news to secure earned media for the product, company, or person you're representing.

For example, if you are representing a fast-food chain that has a new healthy menu option coming to the market, you can set up an Alert to monitor articles mentioning competing fast-food chains alongside the word "unhealthy" - when you receive your Alert in real-time with these articles as they break, you can reach out to the journalist immediately to pitch a solution to the problem they raised in their story to seamlessly secure organic earned media in either an edit to that story or perhaps a new article the journalist may want to work with you on.

Identifying new journalists to pitch

Tired of constantly running last-minute searches to build out new media lists before a release goes live? Try setting up an Alert with keywords around various industry topics relevant to your brand or client so every day you can see who is writing about the subject and seamlessly add them to your media lists.

For example, if you are representing a brand in the hospitality space you might want to set an Alert to notify you of articles about weekend getaways being published in your area. In your Alert email, the journalist's profile will be linked so you can easily click through to add the person to your desired lists. No time-consuming searches required.

Tracking competitor coverage

It's important to stay in the know of the media attention your brand or client is receiving, but it's arguably even more important to stay up to date on what the media is saying about your competitors. Set up an Alert with the names of your various competitors to receive an easily digestible daily round-up of their coverage to your inbox. This will set you up for success in knowing what is being said about competitors, who is saying it, and better guide you on how to position your own pitch.

Monitoring news from the publications and journalists you care about most

In your Alert settings, you can specify which media outlets and journalists you are receiving content from daily - this allows you to stay updated on what your top-tier media outlets and journalists from your media lists are publishing on a daily basis.

Learn more about how to set up your Alerts here!

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