How to set up a Key Message report
Visualize which key phrases are resonating with journalists and appearing in your news coverage with Key Message Reports!
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Key Message reports enable you to visualize which key phrases are resonating with reporters and appear in your news coverage!

To get started, create a Key Message Report and enter a base term, such as your company or client’s name, along with your organization’s key messages. Easily view how the coverage of your products, phrases and people compare to the total coverage for the base term.

Some common use cases to best leverage Key Messages reports are:

Comparing the coverage of your key messages (like the names of specific products or campaigns) against the total amount of coverage your brand received in a given time:

For example, if I want to see how many times certain menu items at Taco Bell were mentioned in the last 30 days, I could run a Key Messages report with the base term "Taco Bell" along with a variety of key phrases like "burrito", "quesadilla", and "chalupa":

From my report, I can quickly determine that from the total amount of coverage Taco Bell during that timeframe, their menu item "chalupa" was mentioned more times than their burritos or quesadillas providing me valuable insight on how I can approach pitching various other menu items.

Determining which key messages are being mentioned most in specific industry topics:

For example, if I wanted to analyze which producers of the COVID-19 vaccine were being mentioned most out of all COVID vaccine-related news, I can run a Key Messages report with the base term "COVID vaccine" along with various producer names like "Pfizer", "Moderna", and "Johnson & Johnson":

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