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An Introduction to Broadcast on Muck Rack
An Introduction to Broadcast on Muck Rack
Seamlessly locate and showcase TV and radio clips by adding Broadcast to your account!
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Struggling to locate and save various TV and radio clips?

Adding Broadcast to your Muck Rack account enables seamless visibility to the TV and radio clips mentioning your brand, client, competitor - or virtually any other keyword you may be tracking.

We partner with the broadcast monitoring leader, TVEyes, to give you access to clips in their database directly within your Muck Rack account. You’ll be notified of relevant clips as news breaks in your email inbox through Alerts and you can also run searches for specific keywords mentioned in clips at any time.

With Broadcast, you can create shareable links to provide access to clips with others as well as save any clips to your Coverage Reports to better measure the impact of the attention garnered from each hit (like local and national audience data).

Want to learn more about how to add Broadcast or already have an existing TVEyes account you want to integrate with your Muck Rack account? Click the chat icon in the lower right and we’ll put you in touch with your Customer Success Manager to get you started!

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