Depending on the industry your business operates within, you may find that there are often groups of keywords included in your monitoring and reporting that are not relevant to the coverage you need. Below, you’ll find a few queries that can either be included or excluded based on your desired results.

For example, if you work in healthcare PR, you may want to set up your query as follows:

“Hospital name” NOT (obit* OR “passed away” OR “died from” OR “died of” OR “died at” OR "departed this life")

Check out the additional query templates below, and if you don’t see your industry represented don’t hesitate to reach out so we can grow this list over time.

Sports/Athletic News

(athletic* OR baseball OR softball OR football OR soccer OR hockey OR swim* OR volleyball OR basketball OR “insert team mascot here” OR lacrosse OR “track and field” OR “cross country” OR Championship OR tournament)


(obit* OR “passed away” OR “died from” OR “died of” OR “died at” OR "departed this life")

Promo Codes/Coupons

(“promo code” OR “promo codes” OR “on sale” OR “coupon code” OR “promotion” OR discount*)

Financial/Stock News

(Q1 OR Q2 OR Q3 OR Q4 OR NASDAQ OR earnings OR stock* OR "market research" OR NYSE)

Press Releases

(PRNewswire OR Businesswire OR “Business Wire” OR marketwired OR newswire OR globenewswire OR PRweb OR ereleases)


(“was shot” OR shooting* OR stab* OR wounded OR “hit and run” OR kidnap* OR murder*)

Broadcast commercials

(“sponsored by” OR “brought to you by”)

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