What is PRM?
Learn more about what PRM is, why it's important and how you can rally the rest of your team around it in this video course!
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Public Relations Management (PRM) is a type of software designed specifically to help manage your team’s relationships with the media and measure success of PR activities.

PRM unites the traditional elements of Public Relations software—media database, monitoring, distribution and reporting—into a single platform built to boost team collaboration and efficiency.

In this 12-minute 3-part video course, Steven from Muck Rack's Customer Success team will walk you through what PRM is, why you should adopt the PRM approach, how you can rally the rest of your team around PRM and what tools your team can leverage in Muck Rack to accomplish your PRM goals.

What is PRM and why do I need it?

How do I rally the rest of my team around PRM?

What relationship management tools are available in Muck Rack?

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