When you are creating a Presentation from a Coverage Report or Dashboard, from the Edit step you can:

Reorder your slides:

Click and drag any of your slides to your desired order to appear in your completed presentation.

Hide slides:

Remove any slides you don't wish to include in your Presentation by clicking Hide in the upper right corner of the slide.

Add insights:

Type additional insights on a slide to provide further context to the viewer of your Presentation by clicking Edit at the top of any slide.

Add Custom Slides:

Click Add slide in the upper right to add your own custom slides to your Presentation. There are 3 custom slide templates you can choose from:

Text only: add a summary of your coverage, break up your presentation into sections, or add a closing slide.

Image only: share images of coverage placement, campaigns, or additional charts and graphs. Images need to be smaller than 1MB in size.

Featured article: highlight specific articles from your coverage to share with stakeholders.

You can add up to 10 custom slides to a single presentation.

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