How to create and use an Outlet List
Compile lists of media outlets to better filter searches, create alerts, and power coverage reports and dashboard widgets!
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Creating Outlet Lists in Muck Rack enables you to more seamlessly streamline the process of identifying relevant journalists, monitoring mentions and reporting on the placements you're securing in the outlets you find most impactful.

How to create a new Outlet List:

  1. Run a search on the Media Outlets tab

  2. Select the checkbox next to your desired outlets

  3. Click the Add to Outlet List button in the upper blue bar to add the outlets to a new or existing Outlet List

How to navigate to your Outlet Lists:

  1. Click Relationships in the upper navigation bar

  2. Click Outlet Lists in the drop-down

How to best leverage your Outlet Lists:

There are a variety of ways you can utilize your Outlet Lists in Muck Rack to best optimize your workflow. Some of the most common ways teams use Outlets Lists are:

Creating a targeted media list:

After you create an Outlet List of your desired publications, you can apply this to any search in Muck Rack to build targeted media lists of journalists at those publications.

On the People tab in search, add your desired Outlet List name into the Outlet Lists field to the left.

This will update your search results to display all of the journalists that contribute to the publications on the Outlet List. From there, you can use the upper search bar as you normally would in search to identify the relevant journalists from those outlets covering the various keywords you search for.

Learn more about creating Media Lists here.

Monitoring and reporting on media placements in select outlets:

If you're tracking mentions of broader industry topics, large corporations or people that are mentioned an overwhelming amount of times in the press per day, Outlet Lists can help you weed through the noise to quickly find the stories you care most about.

In an Article search, you can enter an Outlet List name into the Outlet Lists field to the right. This will update your search results to only display articles from those select outlets that mention the keywords you are searching for.

You can apply the same logic to the settings of your Alerts, Coverage Reports and Dashboard widgets as well. In the settings of all of these tools, you can enter any of your Outlet List(s) names into the Outlet Lists field. Moving forward, only coverage mentioning your keywords from those select publications will pull through.

Compiling specified share-of-voice comparisons:

See how your coverage compares to your competitors in the outlets you care about most in your industry. In a Share of Voice widget in a Dashboard, you can update your data sources to only pull in data from specific publications. In the settings of your data source, enter your desired Outlet List(s) name in the Outlet Lists field. Once you click Save, your Share of Voice pie chart will only reflect the data on press hits aggregated from those select outlets.

Learn more about creating a Dashboard here.

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