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How to search and monitor for print articles
How to search and monitor for print articles
Easily view, compile and share print content mentioning your brand, client or any other topic
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Print on Muck Rack enables you to search, monitor and measure the impact of print coverage you care about—be it your brand, competitors, products, spokespeople, phrases or keywords—alongside other earned media coverage. We partner with LexisNexis to give you access to print coverage in their database directly within your Muck Rack account.

How can I search for print articles?

  1. Click the Articles tab in Search on the Muck Rack homepage

  2. Enter your desired search keyword(s) in the By Keyword field

  3. Under the Content Types filter, select the Article (print) checkbox

  4. Click Search

Your search results will now show you print content mentioning your search keyword(s) with a snippet indicating where the keyword(s) appear in the article.

While searching for print content comes at no extra cost, access to the full-text of print articles can be purchased as an additional add-on with your Muck Rack subscription. To learn more about obtaining access to full-text, please contact your dedicated Muck Rack Customer Success Manager or click the chat icon in the bottom right.

How do I monitor for print coverage and measure success?

You can monitor and measure key metrics for print coverage in Alerts, Coverage Reports and Dashboards the same way that you would monitor for online coverage.

By default, your Alerts, Coverage Reports and Dashboards will pick up both online and print content. If you would like to only monitor for print, head to the settings of your Alert, Coverage Report or Dashboard and click the box next to Article (print) in the Content types field.

Check out the resources below to learn more about setting up your monitoring and reporting in Muck Rack as well as the metrics available:

Need help? Click the chat icon in the lower right and we'd be happy to assist!

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