How to set a default email address for journalists
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All journalists with email information in Muck Rack already have a single default email address based on Muck Rack’s algorithm which is always used for pitching and Media List exports.

While the existing default email address for journalists is based on Muck Rack’s algorithm, you can easily edit a journalist’s default email address to choose the most logical one for your organization. This provides full flexibility to ensure your organization’s outreach is as streamlined as possible.

How to update the default email for a contact:

  1. Navigate to their Journalist Profile (this can be done by clicking the contact's name in Search, Media Lists, or anywhere else in the platform you see their name appear)

  2. Click Edit in the Contact box in the upper right of their profile

3. Click the dropdown under Override default email address

4. Select your new desired default email address

5. Click Save

Moving forward, all new Pitches created by your team will list your contact's new default address automatically, however, you can still select any other email address listed on their profile as needed. Additionally, all Media List exports will list your contact's default email address automatically.

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