Use folders to organize your Coverage Reports, Media Lists, Outlet Lists and Pitches.

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Folders in Muck Rack provide a practical solution for optimizing data organization within the platform. This feature, tailored to your familiarity with Muck Rack, offers a methodical approach to arranging and categorizing your data resources. Folders enable you to manage your media assets without unnecessary complexity efficiently.

Create A Folder

You can find Folders left side of the table view within the Coverage Reports, Media Lists, Outlet Lists, or Pitches pages. From here, you can easily organize your objects, create new folders, and edit their sharing settings.

(Select the "Step-by-Step Instructions" dropdown to learn more)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Click the View Folders link on the left side of the table view to expand the pane. This will present all folders that you have created for that section in Muck Rack:

2. From the expanded pane, click Create Folder to create a new folder

Adding Objects To A Folder

You can sort objects into any of the features that allow folders. This includes Coverage Reports, Media Lists, Outlet Lists, or Pitches.

(Select the "Step-by-Step Instructions" dropdown to learn more)

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Select the checkboxes next to one or many Coverage Reports, Pitches, Media Lists, or Outlet Lists, and select the Move to folder option.

2. You will see your Folders displayed in the drop-down. Select the desired Folder.

3. Choosing different folders in the left pane will change the reports or lists in the table view. Easily view all lists or reports by selecting All Reports or All Lists in the left pane.

📌 NOTE: Adding objects to folders will not remove or delete them from the All Coverage Reports, All Media Lists, All Outlet Lists, or All Pitches lists.

Team Access

Folders in Muck Rack allow you to organize objects by team name, brand name, relationship owner, or any way you choose. Create folders with the corresponding team and/or brand names to allow your team to use folders as a filter option for the objects in which they will be working.

Adding objects to a folder titled and owned by a specific team or team member allows them to have their consolidated view of the data assigned and/or owned by them on their team’s Muck Rack account:

Get Help

For additional help, contact support by choosing the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Messages > Send us a message.

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