In Summer 2021, Apple announced a new privacy feature called Mail Privacy Protection. This feature prevents the ability to determine whether or when an email has been opened by any recipients who use Apple Mail as their email client.

What this means for your Pitches sent to recipients using Apple Mail:

Pitch recipients who use Apple Mail will have their emails 'automatically opened', which will:

  • Inflate the Opened rates in your Pitches

  • Present an Open rate corresponding with an automatic Open

  • If there are multiple recipients in your Pitch who use Apple Mail, all of these recipients will present the same Open date and time

Pitches sent to contacts who use Apple Mail will still continue to be delivered. However, we will not have the ability to accurately determine the date and time of when Apple Mail contacts opened your Pitch email due to Appleā€™s Mail Privacy Protection.

Will I still be able to determine if Apple Mail users clicked the link(s) in my Pitch?

Yes - Clicked rates will still be reported for your Pitch recipients who use Apple Mail. Clicked rates will not be inflated or impacted by Apple Mail users that you send Pitches to.

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