How to connect Pitches to your Coverage
Connecting articles in your Coverage Reports to Pitches
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Connect articles in your Coverage Reports to specific Pitches that your organization has sent through Muck Rack!

Connecting Pitches to Coverage:

  1. From your Coverage Reports page, click into an individual Coverage Report

  2. Navigate to the Articles tab to find the column labeled Pitch Placements

  3. Within the Pitch Placements column, select the Edit button next to Select Pitch

  4. In the Edit Article modal, select a Pitch to associate with the article

  5. Click Save

Assigning articles to a Pitch in bulk:

  1. From the Articles tab of the applicable Coverage Report, select the checkboxes next to the articles you wish to associate with a pitch

  2. Click the Attribute Coverage to Pitch dropdown and select the pitch to associate

Note: The Pitch Placements column will only appear in the Articles tab of Coverage Reports and will not be available in the Overview tab or Clips tab of Coverage Reports.

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