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An Introduction to Article Search on Muck Rack
An Introduction to Article Search on Muck Rack
Use Article Search to find coverage on your brand, competitors, products, spokespeople, phrases or keywords.
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When you search for articles, our system scans each article in our global database for mentions of the keywords you’ve entered, whether it’s located in the article headline or body.

Check out the video below to learn how to search for Articles:

Check out the Academy for our course on searching for Articles!

Muck Rack search supports the use of Boolean operators. Please reference this article to learn more about Boolean search and to access our courses on Boolean.

An example article search

Below you can see the search results for “Renewable Energy”. Notice that the keyword has been highlighted within each article entry that appears in the results, giving you a better idea as to why the results are relevant to your query.

Each search result provides the title of the article, outlet it was published from, date published, and a snippet of the article body where your search term appears.

Article Date Ranges

Any article search you run in Muck Rack will default to including the past 25 months of coverage from today's date (as that's the furthest back you can pull) unless you apply a date range filter.

Refining your search results

You can further refine your search by utilizing the filters on the left hand side of the search results page.

Media Outlets

Provides a way to limit your results to articles from specific outlets. (e.g. The New York Times)


Limits results to include journalists from specified countries, states, or cities.


Filters results to include only those written in the specified language.

What to do with your Article Search Results

You can use results from an Article Search to create Coverage Reports with the most relevant coverage for any given campaign you're working on.

Easily configure alerts to monitor the new coverage that results from any search, or belong to any media list, and be notified when they have published a new article or post on social media.

Verified Outlet Filter

Article and Media Outlet Search options feature a Verified Outlet filter, which filters results to those only from Media Outlets meeting Muck Rack’s verification criteria for organizations.

Verified Status for Bylines and Media Outlets

Article and Media Outlet Search results also include verification badges for any outlets or bylined authors meeting Muck Rack’s verification criteria.

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