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Grouping syndicated articles in your searches and alerts
Grouping syndicated articles in your searches and alerts
Combine duplicate articles or syndications to effectively monitor your most meaningful press hits.
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When searching for articles or when creating and editing an Alert in Muck Rack, you can group duplicated or syndicated articles to ensure you’re only reviewing unique results.

To view syndicated articles in search results:

  1. Select the Articles tab, enter your search terms into the search bar and run the search

  2. At the bottom of each article that is detected as a duplicate, select “View duplicates” to be taken to the group of duplicates

The purple line to the left of the article listing in search results indicates that the article is representing a duplicate group. If there is a primary article identified from the group of duplicates, the article will display a label titled “Original”. If the primary article does not match the filters set for the search, a different article will be selected to represent the group in search. The primary can then be found at the top of the results if “View duplicates” is selected.

Note: In search results, there will be groups of duplicates that do not have a primary original article, so an “Original” label will not be present.

Duplicate article grouping is applied to Alerts and search results by default. However, you can disable duplicate article grouping with the following steps:

To disable syndication grouping in Alerts:

  1. Click on the Alert title on your Alerts page to navigate to the Alert Settings.

  2. From the Alert Settings page, navigate to the section titled “General Settings” and toggle the “Articles and Tweets” ON

  3. In the subsection titled “Duplicate content is”, select “Shown separately” to allow all duplicate content to be listed individually or without being grouped

  4. Click save at the bottom of the page to save your changes

To disable syndication grouping in search results:

  1. In your Account Settings, navigate to the section labeled Search

  2. Under Duplicate content within search is, select “Shown separately”

  3. Click save at the bottom of the page to save your changes

Disabling duplicate article grouping in your Account Settings will list all duplicate content individually and remove the purple indicator of a duplicate group. However, both the “Original” label and “View duplicates” option in search results will still display if an article belongs to a duplicate group, even if “Shown separately” is selected in your Account Settings.

Note: In Alerts, syndication grouping will not be available for Alerts with a sending frequency set to “As published” because syndicated articles can be published in rapid succession.

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