Introduction to Podcast Episodes
View and listen to episodes of the podcasts most relevant to your organization.
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Podcast Episodes appear on the bottom of a given Podcast page, along with a brief snippet and the ability to play the episode directly from Muck Rack.

Searching for Podcast Episodes

  1. Log into Muck Rack.

  2. Select the Media Outlets tab.

  3. Type in the name of the Podcast.

  4. Click Search.

  5. Click into the title of the Podcast on the search results page.

Accessing the Episodes List

Each Podcast’s list of Episodes can be found at the bottom of every Podcast Page. Click the title of the Episode for a more detailed view into that episode.

Each Episode Page includes:

  1. An expandable description of the Podcast Episode, including the date published and length, along with a full episode media player for easy listening.

  2. Any relevant Muck Rack profiles for creators or guests of the given Podcast Episode

  3. Other Episodes from the same Podcast

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