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Importing Outlet Lists from Excel, Google Sheets, and more
Importing Outlet Lists from Excel, Google Sheets, and more
Can I upload my outlet lists from Excel or Google Sheets to Muck Rack?
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Outlet List Imports of 25 or more outlets can be conducted by our Editorial Team upon request. Once uploaded, any updates or changes made to Muck Rack’s database will be reflected immediately on your lists.

Any outlets not currently listed will be researched and added to the main database according to our criteria before being added to your outlet list. Because of this, large outlet lists or those with many niche outlets will take longer to complete than shorter ones.

To request outlet list imports, message the team via the chat button in the bottom-right corner of your screen while you're logged in to Muck Rack. Attach your outlet lists as Excel spreadsheets (.csv or .xlsx) or as Google Sheet links with as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Outlet name*

  2. Outlet domain or URL

*Denotes mandatory fields.

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