Duplicate Article Detection in Coverage Reports

Muck Rack will automatically detect duplicate articles and group them together in your coverage reports.

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Easily group syndicated or duplicated articles in Coverage Reports to reduce the clutter of your results and more effectively monitor your most meaningful press hits. Your report will automatically group duplicate articles to ensure you’re reviewing unique results first.

Duplicates are articles detected to have highly similar content. If an article has sufficient evidence to be considered an original source, an “Original” badge appears. This decision factors data from all duplicate sources, such as external links, brand, and publication time.

Check out the video below to learn more about the feature and view the rest of the article below for additional information.

Duplicates Filter in Coverage Reports

Easily surface your syndicated press hits or exclude them from your report view by using the Duplicates filter in your Coverage Report:

  1. Select the Articles tab.

  2. Select + Add Filter.

  3. Select Duplicates.

  4. Choose either Articles with duplicates or Articles with no duplicates, then select Apply.

Important notes

Table sorting determines the main article displayed

The article representing the duplicate group, shown in the main table of the report without expanding "Show All Duplicates", may or may not be the original article. The article shown from the report's main table depends on the sorting order applied to the coverage report.

For example, if you have sorted your report by alphabetical order of media outlet title, the article shown in the main table will be the article from the duplicate group from an outlet that is first alphabetically.

Processing time

Sometimes new duplicate articles will initially appear outside of the duplicate group. If this happens, they will typically be processed into the existing group within 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I add in several article URLs that are in the same duplicate group, will they still all appear as separate rows in the coverage report?

  • No - if duplicate grouping is active for the coverage report, all articles within a duplicate group would be displayed with all of the duplicates underneath it.

Do all duplicate groups have an original article?

  • No. If there isn’t sufficient evidence to determine an ‘Original’ article, none will be chosen.

How do I easily delete duplicates from a coverage report?

  • Expand the target duplicate group by selecting "Show All Duplicates". From there, select the entire subtable by clicking the top-left checkbox. Unselect any articles you want to retain and then delete the rest.

    Don’t forget to select the article from the main table as well if you want to delete it.

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