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Several features of Muck Rack can be made public to share with your team or kept private and accessible to only your account. This option is often called Sharing or Shared With.

The share options will display with the following drop-down options:

  1. Your Organization

  2. Only Me

Muck Rack Features With Visibility Permission Settings:


When creating a new Pitch, the Shared With dropdown will appear on the Setup screen.

Media Lists & Outlet Lists

When creating a new Media or Outlet List, Sharing will be available at the bottom of the screen.

Saved Searches

When modifying a Saved Search, you can find the Shared With option after naming the Search.

Alerts & Coverage Reports

When creating a new Alert or Coverage Report, you can find Sharing under the Alert Name.

Coverage Comparisons

When creating a new Coverage Comparison, you can find Shared With under the Coverage selection dropdown.

Trend Reports

After saving a Key Message or Trend Report, Shared With can be accessed in the saved Key Message Settings & Sharing.

Saved Broadcast Clips

Once a clip is saved, go to Actions > Settings & Sharing to access Shared With.

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