Muck Rack Alerts help you easily monitor digital, traditional and social media for press hits, mentions of keywords, topics, company names and more.

When to create an Alert

Muck Rack Alerts are most effective when set up before starting a campaign and while researching for new opportunities. With daily or multiple times per day alerts, you’ll receive emails whenever a journalist writes a new article, breaks news on Twitter or shares relevant stories. 

What to monitor in an Alert

We recommend setting up Muck Rack Alerts to be notified whenever a new article is published or when a journalist shares content that mentions:

  • Your company, brand, or client’s name
  • Names of products
  • Twitter handles and hashtags associated with your brand, campaigns, or events
  • Competing brand and product names
  • Competing brands’ Twitter handles and hashtags
  • Complementary brands or products 
  • (e.g., If your brand is JIF peanut butter, also monitor Smuckers jelly)
  • Other related terms and hashtags, for example “streaming video” or #biopharma

When you receive a Muck Rack Alert

Muck Rack Alerts kickstart multiple workflows to help you build better relationships and report on press hits. When you receive a new Muck Rack Alert, consider: 

  1. Adding journalists writing articles and sharing content to a Media List
  2. Adding relevant articles to a Coverage Report
  3. Using Who Shared My Link for an individual article report on a story
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