Getting Started with Muck Rack

Register for live product walkthroughs, access previous recordings on demand, and stay up to date on best practices.

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Searching the Media Database

Best practices for using Muck Rack's search engine

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Organize your relationships, campaigns and outreach

Create new media lists, add or remove journalists and import or export your data.

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Send emails to journalists with Pitches

Send personalized emails in bulk, track metrics and organize relationship history.

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Improve your team's efficiency with Activities

Track your relationship history with journalists, add new Activities and stay up-to-date on your team’s interactions.

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Monitor media mentions with Alerts

Monitor new press hits, the content journalists tweet and articles shared directly in your email inbox.

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Quantify Impact with Muck Rack's Reporting Tools

Automatically compiling coverage, exporting reports, best practices and more.

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Configure your Account and Organization Settings

Upload a picture or logo, add your email signature, view your plan details and manage your account.

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Muck Rack for journalists

All the things you need to know as a journalist using Muck Rack

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Product Updates

The latest releases from Muck Rack

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